Monday, December 19, 2011

A little friendly visit

I'm gonna do a brief run down on our time with friends. I can't tell you what an encouragement these guys are. I think you should all be friends with them. 

We figured 3 hours of sleep was quite enough to work with and have a Christmas party on the first day they were here.

We played "wrap people in toilet paper to look like snow men" game.

Our family opened a large suitcase filled with goodies from our fellowship in the States. We screamed in excitement and vowed not to share our peanut m&m's with the children. 

We walked through a local campus and taught their boys that peeing on the streets is totally acceptable behavior here. Pretty sure it changed their lives. 

Moved babies and their beds into a new care center. Amazing.

Taught English in an engineering company.

Got a massage. I spared my friend and put the picture of my cellulite self here. You're welcome. 

Had dinner with special friends. 

Rode all types of transportation.

Explored Buddhist temples and taught about idol worship.

This family is like a walking GAP ad. So cute all the time. Seriously. 

Had tea that had a sweet potato aftertaste.

Braved street food. They were such troopers as we weaved through trash, police, vendors, and mysterious meat on a stick. 

Enjoying a little Bux. Ya know, we didn't want our friends to feel too disconnected from the States. We are servants that way.

We bought our boys swords and they were set for the morning. These guys have been an incredible blessing to us. We have enjoyed every second of their trip here. Looking forward to their next venture over here :)
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