Friday, March 30, 2007

The Urinal Incident

So we found out yesterday from a friend that our son has been practicing personal hygeine in the bathroom. On the surface, this sounds like a great thing. Unless of course it means sticking your head in the urinal and flushing so that he can shower. Malachi discovered this was a quick and efficient way of cleaning up.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Brief Update of March

So I realized that it's been a month since we last posted. We've been having a great time in VA, just really busy. But we've only got a week and a half until we return to the promise land...Texas. The kids are doing great, but it will be hard to pull them from their friends, yet again, so that we can move overseas.

Selah-did a great job in kindergarten here. She has become quite the prayer warrior and loves to do sign language to the songs she's learning. The motions usually turn into more of an interpretive dance.

Malachi-he has become the clown of the community. The picture I posted of him with his black shirt summarizes it all. He loves to tell Bible stories. He's stuck on Jonah right now where the whale sneezes Jonah out into a boat. He then tells the Ninevites to ask for forgiveness because they are using words like "butt" and "stupid". The audacity.

Charis-not yet walking out of sheer stubborness. She'll stand and take a few steps and then sit down and crawl. She loves to babble as if she's right in the middle of everyone's conversations.

Brad and Carrie-tired, but well. We're ready to get going. Carrie is still pregnant (i'm sure you are beginning to think we need another hobby other than breeding). Brad is enjoying his time with the kids and in fellowship with people of like minds.
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