Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Rite of Passage

Apparently when you turn 2 in our household, you must go through a ritualistic rite of passage called “Stitches.”  Last night, Charis was playing with Malachi and her head met the corner of the door.  It immediately busted open.  So Brad rushed out the door with a naked, bleeding and wet (from the shower taken 5 minutes before) to find a taxi.  He walked about ¼ of a mile with her until he could flag down a taxi.  Off to the emergency room where she got glued up.  So we’ve now done stitches in 3 countries.  We’re in Singapore right now.  She’s fine now and healing well.  

Friday, June 13, 2008

On Vacation!

So we're on vacation in Phuket, Thailand. We'll try and post some pictures at some point, but it might be awhile. For now, it's off to the pool and some snorkeling....

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Prayer for Many of Us

“Lord, forgive us for hating inconvenience more than we do sin.”


(Yep, we have to learn this one daily.)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Presidential Politics and the Christian Life

Whatever you feel about Obama, it is a momentous occasion to see for the first time in Western history that a black candidate is this close to running a Western country. While many might mourn Obama’s political views, etc. we can at least all celebrate the bringing down of socio-ethnic barriers that have plagued our culture in the past. As Christians, we must rejoice in all the good we see and hate all forms of evil.

This presidential election has forced us to really reflect on the Christian life in a few ways. Two lessons in particular stand out today as we witness this election process.

1) We must not grow weary of doing good (Galatians 6:9). The office President is a job that is both exhausting and rewarding. Yet, we are convicted at how easily we and other Christians fatigue and complain about how hard life is even though we have a greater Purpose that the president, a greater Hope, and an eternal Power working within us. Do we allow ourselves to burn at both ends for Christ? Do we let the President of the United States work harder than us, who are supposed to know the One god of the Universe, who know True Love, who do not fear death, rejection, or sufferings? What does our apathy, laziness, and whining say about Christ?

2) We must LEAD our world in service to others, whether to the poor and needy or against evils like corruptions, hunger, pollution, or various injustices. Why do we look to government to do the Church’s job? It shames us to let the President and government lead in these areas. What does this say about us and what are we proclaiming about our Lord when we take this sort of attitude and lifestyle?

Let us not live less than those who have no Hope.

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