Saturday, September 30, 2006

ok honestly...Joel Osteen?

We just tried to bear a Joel Osteen sermon.
I hate being critical because Paul said in Galations to rejoice anywhere the gospel is preached, even if its out of poor motive. In Rom. 13, he basically says to each his own (within limits).

But at what point does a guy stop preaching Jesus and start preaching Dr. Phil.
He kept talking about how good we are and we just need to find the power within, overcoming the negative feelings of childhood. He never mentioned Jesus, Scripture, sin, not even God.

I don't doubt that many people in his church are Christians, and I don't presume to say Joel isn't a Christian.... but what he teaches is dangerous. Just because God has used the church for good doesn't mean God approves.

After all, God used Judas too.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Potty Training for the Strong Willed

So Brad's decided to let this be our family blog and not just his own thoughts and musings. That translates into potty humor, thoughtless ramblings and plenty of stories coming from the mouths of babes.

This one is of our 2 year old who has started potty training. This has been a goal of mine for the last six months. So the sand was falling form the hourglass, the heavens were singing and we were ready to conquer the potty.

The first day Malachi was pushing and pushing and finally pulled an Adam. He told me "God will not let me potty, God will not let me poop." I told him he needed to take credit for his lack of action and stop blaming the perennial scapegoat...God. So fast forward to day 3. More pushing, more action. This time he uses a similarly logical excuse by telling me "It's not working, I need more batteries for my penis."

We finally got him to poop and now the way we get him to go is to personify the poop. I enjoy the daddy poop the best because malachi always tells me that "He's in the workshop and will be down in 5 minutes."

While Brad's at school studying eschatology and hebrew phonetics, I'm staying busy in the area of Waste Management.
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