Saturday, December 03, 2011

Thailand part 2

Thailand in pictures:

When we arrived at the zoo, we watched the zookeepers try to shoot the lioness with a tranquilizer gun. The zoo is fabulous, in that very few animals are in cages. The safety factor is questionable because there are just ditches that separate us humans from...say, the King of the Jungle. This particular lioness had tried to jump the gulch and got stuck at the bottom.  

We pretty much dominated the zoo tram. 8 kids, 6 adults.

There was a smaller pool at the house we stayed at and a larger one down the road. We went swimming multiple times a day and had a blast.

Mimi and Malachi playing word games on the computer.

My mom and I oooh'd and aaaah'd at the orchids that were sprinkled all over the place. These were looped around the Buddhist shrine placed in the backyard.

Minus the Asian eyes and obvious Buddhist influence, this line of children felt like a great representation of the cousins.

At the town center, waiting for our ride. 

A 3 story Starbucks. Um....yes, thank you.

Sitting in a median with traffic, tourists, honking horns, passing monks, and big tour buses Malachi uses his super focus powers and finds a place to read. 

Acting as Papa Eagle, Brad stands in the busy intersection and tries to keep the number of kids at 8.

Mimi and Selah.

We also did the Chiang Mai Night Safari. Where you also throw out any contrived safety standards. 

You can pet the zebra, giraffes, gazelles and boars.

For Thanksgiving, we had some amazing Thai food, followed by pumpkin and apple pie.

It was a great trip. Now, it is back to real life. 
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