Thursday, October 01, 2009


This will be brief, because I, Carrie, am writing this entry. It would feel weird to do a long drawn out post about my own birthday. But I did want to post a couple of pictures from our birthday dinner. Getting old doesn't really freak me out at all. I don't know, age has never been a big deal to me. I guess being 33 and already having 5 kids makes me feel young. And everyday, the Chinese remind me that I'm too young to have so many kids.

We had barbecue for my birthday dinner. I love barbecue. So we headed to a local place. Anywhere that I can throw the bones and pea pods on the table or floor is a great restaraunt in my book. And if you can leave the table looking like this:

then it's definately a good meal.

I got flowers from my family and friends and B gave me a nap! It was a wonderful birthday. Thank you guys for all your emails and facebook messages!!
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