Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Poem 2011-Merry Kingdom

I had a cute little family picture of us eating cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, but I felt like this picture better captures our chaos. One of our Christmas traditions around here is that hubs writes a poem and shares it as a part of our family worship time on Christmas morning. He so beautifully depicts the backdrop to what is going on the moment Christ comes to this earth. 

Merry Kingdom

Long have people accustomed to cold
Celebrated traditions long and old
So used to ways of making life merry
Little knowing the things that now tarry

Families together, to eat and then die
Tell of good news of sweet little lies
Melodious songs the nations glad sing
But not of the day that comes with the King

Instead most rejoice in the night of the eve
They call silence "peace", too ignorant to grieve 
The curse that lingers with labor
Unconcerned that morning brings favor

They smile at birth and laugh at his death
Defending half-truth till left without breath
Still born in a world with hope not yet found
Oh hear the cries for Christ around 

Though they love a babe and not the man
Anticipating what they don't understand
Speaking truth makes grown men wary
Yet we shall call His Kingdom merry.

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