Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh Joy, Where Art Thou?

Ok, so hubs is gone again. This time it's just three weeks. I can be a bit of an Eeyore sometimes, so this time around I am vowing to be joyful. So many times I excuse my grumbling because "Doggonit, I'm at home with 5 kids all by myself. AND, it's cold. And, I feel like I have an increased amount of back fat after the gobs of gummie cherries I have eaten this Christmas season." That's right, I said "Doggonit"...those are fightin' words.

I will meet up with my world trotting husband in another country. That means that I will fly with all 5 kids, by myself and my three different airport trek to meet up with him. God is so very creative in His sanctification of me. Apparently, He thought I had grown a little too comfortable in my abilities as a mother, so He decided to use the A-bomb of mothering: travel.

The glitz of international travel had been stripped off, melted down and now sits as a cesspool.

So, about that joy thing...
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