Friday, December 16, 2011

Loving Through Christmas Cookies and Footsteps

This is a quick follow-up post to this one. So, we have been praying about getting into the baby orphanage for some time now. I knew that the Lord was leading me to patience and prayer. These, not being my strong suit, led me to depend on the Lord's timing instead of me kicking open doors myself.

We have an amazing family that is visiting us this week from the States and our plan was to make some cookies and bring them to the older kid's orphanage to decorate and eat with them. Afterwards, we would take a few plates of cookies to the baby orphanage, the next building over. A few things happened that morning and we had to cancel the trip over to do the cookie thing. I was pretty bummed because I wanted my friends to get to meet many of the kids we knew and loved there. We decided to just take the plates of cookies over the next morning to the baby orphanage.

When we walked up, the nannies were walking out of the old building with bundles, baskets, sheets, buckets and various other things so that they could all move into the new building behind the old one. This was the first day of moving. We walked in and dropped off the cookies. I asked her if we could help bring bags and sheets and things over for them. She asked if instead, we could pick up and carry babies. Trying not to wet my pants in excitement, I told her that we would love to.

For the next 2 hours, we got to pick up, hold, pray for and love on these babies while we brought them to their new homes. Had we gone the day before, the kids would not have been moving buildings and we would not have been allowed in.

We watched a baby no older than one week old be brought in by two police officers.

We carried a baby with fresh marks that looked like it had been thrown in the bushes.

I wept at the goodness of the Lord as He preserved their lives and allowed us to pray over these sweet souls.

Man, God is just really good.
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