Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Exciting News Is...

Ok, so I posted awhile ago that I have exciting news. I realize that, despite Thanksgiving and Christmas, you have probably been thinking of nothing else since I posted that over a month and a half ago. I wanted to wait a bit for my head to return to my body after December happened. Christmas over here is so great because you get to share about the story a ton, but it's exhausting. In December, we also crammed in visitors, a trip to Beijing to get a passport and shipped Brad off to the States.

I have decided that Dec. 26th is the official day that brain cells begin to work again. So, here we are at Dec. 27th. I figured those three brain cells I have left in my head needed an extra day to get themselves out of the fog.

So...my exciting news is that I am writing a book! No joke. That should both scare and excite you, like it does me. About a year ago, Lucid Books had a publishing contest. I entered. Didn't win. Some nice lady with a PhD in literature won. Weird that they didn't pick some punk that lives in China and likes to rant about giving her 5 year old an enema in Starbucks. Maybe they wanted to make sure I wasn't a danger to myself or to others, but they contacted me the day after the contest was over. They said they wanted to work with me to publish my book!

I'll fill in the details as I go along, but I'm just about done with the writing stage. I've done a decent amount of the editing, but still have a few things to look over before submitting the final manuscript. I'm also a maximizer, so the thought of pushing send on that final manuscript makes want to crawl into a dark closet and listen to Barry Manilow. But, I'll get there. I'm hoping to wrap things up this month. I'll keep you guys posted.
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