Monday, September 05, 2011


A intense bag of cumin labeled "unwearied however effort powder"  

rehearsing a Justin Bieber dance with a friend.  I can now understand the fear of Western culture infiltration.

Hugs in their qi paos.  Not only should everyone hug, but everyone should wear a qipao at least once in your life.  It makes you feel dainty.  

A box full of August activities to pull from every morning

raw sewage peek out of its gopher hole every time I turned on the sink

homemade flower vases made from old coffee creamer and peanut butter jars

buzz lightyear, boats and one very satisfied 3 year old boy

tattoo fruit roll ups that you can lick and put in indiscrete places

And I'll leave you with this word of wisdom as we start the school year once again:

"Sweet Love Frequently Lisps"

The End.

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