Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Drinking sodas and making friends (1)

            For the past 2 weeks I have been at an orphanage, translating to the point where I am jumping gladly, climbing like a tired dog into bed. And teaching a class of 5-8year olds  with  4 boys and a girl. ( all parents of 1 or more boys, sympathize with me.) 

I got to spend those 2 weeks with godly and awesome people. All through the weeks, there were plenty of times to complain. but no complaints were heard from their mouths. I got to room with a home schooled high schooler who is one of six children. We would turn the light off at night and talk till midnight. We would say "good night" then " oh, one more thing" over and over till we were too tired to say anymore. 

Above are some of my chinese buddies at camp. When the adults\me weren't having a meeting and\ or weren't teaching, us girls were together.  These pictures are from the graduation performance of  the "cotton-eyed joe", "hokey pokey" and "hoedown throw down" by Miley Cyrus. ( doing that dance was a new thing for the older people. ) But I have to say, doing the hokey pokey with a skirt on can be...... challenging at times.    

Anyway, My class that night did "head shoulders knees and toes" and did a great job! There were ups and downs the whole week, like having sprite, coke and pepsi every day, three meals a day (well,at least I had artificial energy! Better than none!), also getting beat in pingpong, playing (here's the catch)  "beach ball volleyball, in the dark, in the park.... and hanging out with my new buddy; sarcasm........

Mom, why did I wear a skirt again?

Trying to corral 50+ kids to get into a line to dance. bad idea.

 My students "singing."

Smiles because I was leading and did the wrong move. oopsie.

The whole gang came to graduation and we figured that I would just go home with them that night. But the director  came up to us and said " can......" OHHHH I'll save that for the next post.:) 

                                                    TO BE CONTINUED.......


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