Sunday, April 03, 2011

West Lake Park

The kids were out of school for the Sweeping of the Tombs festival. Since they would be out of school on Monday and Tuesday, the schools all make up for it on Saturday and sometimes Sunday. American kids would love that, I'm just sure of it. But we had already planned a trip out to the park with DY, so we skipped Saturday class and headed out. I love Chinese parks.

Here's what we saw and did:

There's my little buddy doing what Chinese kids do best...marching.

We braved this little monorail contraption. DY wisely graciously decided to stay back and watch our stuff. I prayed multiple times that we would not go careening off the tracks and into the murky lake below. I had pictures of the police knocking on the door and telling my husband of his family's unfortunate death running through my mind the entire ride.

Ahh, the peaceful days at the playground. Apparently it was not just Saturday-go-to-school-to make-up-for-the-holiday day, but also field trip day.

We found a log ride that all the kids agreed upon riding. After being thrown into the logs, we fist pumped old Wang Ye (the god of fortune) as we coasted along.

This guy was overwhelmed with glee that we were in front of him in the walk-under-the-waterfall line.

My boys managed to scare every Chinese person over the age of 65 as they climbed every fake rock in the park.

We also stopped for a brief second to listen to the old people sing Beijing Opera. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds you would hear if there was a wild cat who is being swung around really it's tail...while in heat. It sounds a bit like that.

The flowers have started blooming and the green is beginning to pop through the soil.

It was a great day.
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