Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pajama Jeans

I love good marketing.

The people who came up with those silly bands...genius. Tell kids that it's cool to wear a rubber band shaped like a dinosaur and laugh all the way to the bank.

Flip a robe around and call it a Snuggie.

Stick a rock in a cute box and call it a pet.

This is my recent favorite:

Pajamajeans See how sassy you can be wearing pajamas. And as my mom, sister, and pretty much everyone in my high school graduating class can attest, I have been on this brink of fashion genius for years.

Here's my little tip: you can just sleep in your normal clothes and wear them the next day too. Here's one example of my "pajamajeans". See, to the normal eye, it seems to be casual Sunday morning attire. BUT, when you fall into bed that night and don't remove your clothes, you wake up the next day saving tons of time getting ready. I won't say that I do this everyday, but I will confess that it's been more times than I can count.

See, you just doubled your wardrobe! Today, your entire closet became both daytime and a creative display of Pajamajeans. Congratulations!
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