Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not Enough

The Israelites were deemed “treasured, holy, famed and honored.” (Deut. 26) All they had to do was keep the Lord’s commandments. And...most of the time, they failed. God knew this would happen because their hearts weren’t changed. Their dispositions were the same. Their affections were still broken. Their souls needed to shift. Something had to break in and rob their hearts of self-satisfaction.

And that something was Jesus.

Was it not enough that God offered all these things? Motivation through fame and honor fails when struggle rises up and fills your lungs. At that moment, you feel like you are grasping for air, so you push yourself up by reaching for the known. By finding comfort in history. What you don’t realize is that as you are seemingly taking that last breath before your lungs start to seize, the Lord is rescuing your soul. He is picking up the manna from the dirt and nursing you back to life. The only way to fully recover is through the only person who can truly make you whole.

And that someone is Jesus.
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