Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Hope

One of the things we did Easter morning was bring the kids outside and take pictures. The older two were to find things that represented life and death. The younger three found crosses displayed outside. They found the objects and then took the picture themselves. We talked that weekend about how our sins and dishonoring of the Lord brings death.

And that in death, we should long to find Christ.

We should put our hope in a Son who was torn from heaven to restore His children on earth.

And in that, we are brought new life and an abundance of hope to help us remain faithful to our Father.

Three days after the world mocked Jesus to His grave, He shocked humanity by rising victoriously from death.

We have much reason to rejoice and boast in a cross that gives us that kind of life. A cross that offers us joy and peace and reconciliation.

We hope this Easter brought you freedom in the cross and an understanding of Jesus' sacrifice that will not allow complacency and satisfaction in anything other than Him.

Happy Easter!
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