Monday, April 04, 2011

The Early Morning Times: Bringing Hope to Orphans During World War II

An exclusive interview with Zoli Galambos.

By: Selah

Today we are going to interview “Zoli Galambos”. First, of all I want ask you, I can just call you Zoli, right?

Zoli: That is OK with me.

Interviewer: So I understand that you are the headmaster of an orphanage in Hungary. And my first question is, “ What made you come to the orphanage in the first place?

Zoli: Well, I was pretty young when this happened, but I was kicked out of my home for my belief in Jesus. So I started to look for a job. And some old friends of mine called Mr. and Mrs. Toth offered the job as a headmaster at the orphanage that they owned. And of course I took the wonderful job.

Interviewer: Was there anybody you already knew there?

Zoli: Well, yes there was. There was Mr. and Mrs. Toth that I talked about a minute ago. And then there was a boy that was named Dani that I had known.

Interviewer: Now I also understand that there were only about 30 to 40 boys at the orphanage. So, how did the boys first act when you first came there?

Zoli: At first they wondered who I was, but that is normal. But, besides that they got used to me pretty quickly.

Interviewer: Was there anything you had to change about the boys?

Zoli: Well, yes there was. They had bad manners and habits. Like yelling and running and leaving stuff like chores for the women to do. It did take a little effort to fix.

Interviewer: Now when did you get to the orphanage?

Zoli: A couple of years before World War 2.

Interviewer: I know that during World War 2, the Russians attacked Hungary.
So did you escape or did you get captured?

Zoli: Actually, my wife, my own kids, Dani, and I escaped over the Austrian border. It took about 2 and a half months.

Interviewer: Wow, what an amazing story, Zoli.
Thank you for coming. If you want to find out more information about Zoli then read his book called “ Zoli’s Legacy”. Bye for now.

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