Saturday, April 09, 2011

My not so green thumb

It's time to try my hand at gardening again. I have issues with starting projects with much gusto and then loosing steam when maintenance time rolls around. I love nothing more than coming up with ideas and rallying people to get a project started. If I could just hire someone to actually finish the project, it would be perfect.

This little fault of character leads to being a bad gardener. I like to boast that I'm a truly organic farmer because I don't even intervene in the watering process. I let God water them, pull the weeds, AND till the soil. So very green of me, I think.

But, I'm trying it this time because I'm employing my kids to do the watering and upkeep. All in the name of home school! It's perfect. I can start it and visualize the salsa that will be consumed with the jalapenos I'm growing while the kids learn how the planting cycle works. Brilliant.
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