Monday, November 01, 2010

Reformation Day: Martin Luther

We had a blast learning about Martin Luther this Reformation Day! The kids all did some research the week before and then did presentations for the whole fam.

Here's Aiden presenting Luther's flower. He did a fabulous job describing the flower and all the symbolism represented.

Here's Malachi reporting on Luther's early life. He worked really hard on his communication skills this week and he did great!

Selah started from the 95 theses up until his death. Can I tell you how great it is is hear your 8 year old daughter ask the audience: "So, do any of you not know what 'indulgences' are?". She was animated and communicated passionately, the impact Luther has had on not just Christianity, but the world.

The little ones of course wanted to chime in. Kesed told us all the colors of the flower and that there was a cross in the middle of the heart. Way to go, buddy!

Grae gave a riveting speech about.....something. And then waved the chopstick in the air. It was perfect.

Here's the line for "Pin the 95 theses on the Church of Wittenberg doors." We decided that this will be a yearly tradition. Last year it was "Pin the glasses on Charles Spurgeon."

Yes, that's duct tape and goggles.

Aiden won the game!

Makaria was a little confused because she thought they said "Aretha", not "Luther". So she came dressed for some soul music performances. She was a little disappointed when she realized we were celebrating some dead, white guy.

We ate German food and had some cake. Then, it was on to sing "A Mighty Fortress is Our God."

We had a blast. It was fun to rope my sister's family into our celebration this year. Our gears are already turning for next year's person to celebrate.
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