Monday, November 29, 2010

On our way to Santa Fe

On Thursday, Brad and I are headed to New Mexico. I feel like I've got several blogs swarming (yes, swarming. Because swimming would connote nice even strokes with a predictable pattern. Swarming is what bees do when you've got a diet Coke on the picnic table. They fly around with no patterns or purpose but to interrupt your nice little time in the woods.).

Two amazing families have offered to fly us up to their mountain home in New Mexico. We will land in Albuquerque and search for the Land Rover that is parked at the airport for guests to use. Yes, you read that correctly.

I'm sure we won't have any fun drinking coffee, sleeping in past 4:30, and eating at places that don't have crayons.

Maybe I'll have time to jot down some blog thoughts.

*** On a side note, Makaria's eosinophil count is lowering! That's great news. We aren't out of the clear yet, but will let you know when we talk to the doctors this week.
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