Friday, November 05, 2010

If the Bible is mainly about God, then why.....? [Pray for your pastor]

If the Bible is mainly about God, then why are sermons typically about people? If our goal is to desire God (positively), then why are most applications merely against sin (negatively)? These questions apply to even the best of sermons. If Christ is better, may we say why! Pray for your pastors.

It's not enough to tell people, "Don't look at pornography, Don't obsess over your appearance and clothes, Don't lose your temper,..." Those desires but be replaced with greater desires. We are better driven for things than simply against things. Pray for your pastors.

And not merely for them, but for yourself. What drives you? Fear or joy? Is being a Christian, to you, more about what you do or Who you seek and savor above all else?

Our problem us not primary one of application but of affections. This should fundamentally shape our view and approach to the Christian life.
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