Monday, December 06, 2010

thoughts on our stay

Our plan:

Be in and out of the States in 3 months.

God's plan:

Stay in the States for almost 7 months.

Here's the funny thing about our extended stay: it's been a blast. I never would have predicted that. I was nervous about our time in the States. I've blogged that already, no need to rehash all my needless fears and dreams of diet dr. pepper and waffle fries. But because we had to extend:

our schedule slowed down.

Makaria got more medical attention.

We reconnected with friends in a deeper way.

We got to play in Santa Fe for 4 days.

there have been meals and coffees with people interested in China.

Thanksgiving with family and friends for the first time in years.

there's been times of counseling and being counseled.

a few more Starbucks downed.

I'm getting to help out with Into the Streets of Ethiopia.

and many, many more.

Aren't you glad that the Lord knows what we need way before we do?

I sure am.
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