Sunday, March 28, 2010


I love poetry. I've given it several attempts and honestly, I've failed at most of them. I enjoy reading poetry, when the poet avoids cliches. Which pretty much means that country music is not at all poetry to me. But, Selah and I had a go at it this week in home school. And I'm sure you know the saying "every victorious poet must first defeat the limerick."

Ya, pretty much it's just me who has said that. But it's true. If you can successfully conquer the limerick, I think the "higher" forms of poetry are a cake walk. I'm not going to label who wrote which one, but here are a few.

Little Man Lee

There was a small man named Lee
Who was sick for all people to see
He spit out a loogey
To get rid of a boogie
And it landed smack dab on a tree

Old Lady and the Monkey

There was an old woman named Mary
Who had a monkey that was very hairy
He climbed up a wall
And made a great fall
And now he looks like a canary

The Van of Selah Anne

There was a young girl, Selah Anne
One day she drove out in a van
She got in a wreck
And broke her neck
So now her face looks like a man

You're welcome. For the cultural tour of sophistication that was just taken by reading our limericks. I'm sure you feel not only enlightened but awed.

I will give you all time to hide away and contemplate. And always remember dear friends, let us not find ourselves patronizing the limerick.
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