Saturday, March 06, 2010

Just hangin'

A friend of ours just got a new camera. We found her outside the other day trying it out on our kids. She knew our kids would be suckers for posing. So after about 45 minutes of picture taking, she ran inside and dumped them onto a disk. Here are a few:

Here's me in my usual "I'm pointing and talking. But to whom, who knows?!" pose.

Don't be fooled by the short sleeves and no jackets. That was a freak day. A day that the Lord gave to just me.

For all my China friends, my son has voluntarily adopted many China poses. This was my favorite.

This is one of Selah's best friends here. She and Tian Tian play together all the time. Over the holiday, Tian Tian's parents were at work all day. So, she spent lots of time at our house. She's a sweet girl and we had a blast with her.

That's all.
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