Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Sewing!

So, I'm starting to sew. My cousin bought me a sewing machine and brought it with her on their recent trip to visit. I have been beyond excited about starting to sew. My favorite part is taking old clothes and making them into something new. We've got just a few kids in our house and they grow out of things by the second. The thought of this sewing machine made my little heart pitter patter.

This was my first creation. A little pair of leg warmers for Makaria's not so little pair of legs. I just chopped off the sleeves to a shirt that was a little snug in her waist. One of my glaring personality flaws is that I don't like to wait and read instructions. I want to just jump right in. I did watch the DVD to show me how to get the thread wound around every knob and lever on my machine and get it to sew. After that, I pretty much just started. This picture above is Makaria's new pose for every picture she takes. It's the jr. high school picture tilt on crack.

It was really fun. And as long as you don't look on the inside, I don't think they look to shabby.

Ok, so now I had a shirt that with cut off sleeves that needed to be reworked. So I chopped up another shirt and did a little snipping and there you go!

It really didn't take very long at all. Although, if you did it correctly and accurately it might have taken a little more time. But, who has time for that, really?!

My grandmother used to be an incredible seamstress. She was always trying to get us to start sewing with her. I did a few times, but very much regret not spending more time with her learning. Ugh, I hate that we have to be young and stupid. So, maybe I'll try out using a pattern sometime soon. But for now, I've got lots of chopping and improvising to do!
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