Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We won!

So, on a whim, I entered a contest that a friend was having. I had to write the grossest/funniest story about raising boys. And WE WON! I think we get movie tickets and some food. We're hoping that my sister and her family get to use them on our behalf :). Anyway, I thought I'd post the story. Some of you were there for this story, others were not. It's about our now 5 year old son, Malachi. Those of you who know him, this story will provide no shock and awe.

We were at a conference with several hundred people when my 3 year
old decided that he needed to go to the bathroom. We were eating
lunch at the time and the bathroom was right behind us, so we told
him to go ahead and go there by himself. In my mind "what can happen
between here and there?!" A few minutes later, the president's wife
of the organization that we were with at this conference came to our
friend. She was looking for where the mother of a drenched, naked three year old boy
might be. Our friend kindly thanked her and brought our son to us.
After using the bathroom, He spotted a urinal on the wall. We apparently found getting his pants back on too cumbersome and distracting when spotting a urinal. So, leaving his
pants on the floor, he ducked his head underneath the urinal faucet
and pushed the button....several times. As the water poured onto his
head, he was yelling, "look, I'm taking a shower!!"
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