Monday, September 14, 2009

Bringing Lecrae to the East Side

Ok, so we've been listening to Lecrae this week. For those of you not yet informed, he's a Christian hip-hop guy with these amazing lyrics. Almost better than the DC Talk song "Love is a verb."

We decided that when people ask us to teach them some English phrases, we're going to teach them some of the lyrics. How great would that be to have all these young Chinese friends using hip hop lingo.

Here's two of our favorites:

"I'm E flat broke!"


"I'm a full court mess."

So here's my challenge: I want you to incorporate one of these two sentences into your daily life. Kim, I expect you to use both of them because that's the kind of performance I can expect from you. And then you can let us know what the reaction is.

We will do a post later on how great his music is. But for now, it's just a challenge, yo.
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