Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Our good friend Brian came to visit us last week. Have we mentioned that we love visitors? Because, we do. He was only here for about 36 hours, but it was so encouraging and refreshing to spend time with him. It was great to hear updates about this family and swap parenting tips and scriptural insights.

Here's he and Brad philosophizing in the park. What is it about parks that make humans want to philosophize.

Any park that has water to splash in is a hit with the clan.

One of the only full family pictures we have so far. We don't even try to get everyone to smile and look good in the picture. We just aim for getting everyone in the same viewfinder and the same time. If that is accomplished, the picture is a success in our book.

Here's Kesed and his future wife, DY. Yes, she's a tad older than she is and yes, it's an arranged marriage. We figure if she'll wait about 16 years, we're willing to let him marry young.

It was DY's birthday so, we did a pile of "Snickers cookies cake". Believe you me, it's a way better option than Chinese cakes. Chinese birthdays are funny because they have two birthdays. One is the lunar calendar birthday that changes dates every year. So when you ask them what date their birthday is, they always pause and have to figure it out. They also do ages different and you are 1 when you are born. So asking how old they are can also be a sticky question. Anyway, this was her REAL birthday (as in, the actual date that she was born). We had a blast with both Brian and DY. We're going to try and convince him to come back again soon and bring his wife and kids along next time :).
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