Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are You a Rebel?

ok, holy hip hop propoganda time. Some friends of ours have turned us on to more contemporary Christian rap. Previously, we've thought it cheesy, but wow this recent stuff has some great sounds and lyrics. Our favorite so far is Lecrae. His album Rebel constantly amazes us. Since rap is a bit hard to discern the lyrics at times, it took a few listens to hear all the lines and even now we continue to hear new, creative ways of speaking the truth.

We'll comment on a few songs on the album
"Rebel" is the first song and was inspired by a Mark Driscoll sermon. Driscoll in fact is dubbed into the song. It's so cool what he has to say.
"Don't Waste Your Life" was inspired by Piper's book
"Go Hard" [or Go Home] speaks for itself
"The Bride" is a refreshing and touching look at the church, especially for those who have felt burned by the local church
"Beautiful Feet" is moving in its story and reminders
"I'm a Saint" is full of rich theology with a beat that doesn't leave your head.

His musicality matches well with his lyrics.

If you go to, yo ucan listen to entire songs for free. The old Napster guy worked out something with music labels and advertising money to allow it

Also, you could make a playlist on [which is also free] using Lecrae and get exposure to other artists
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