Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kesed's 2nd birthday!

Sept. 19th, my baby boy turned 2. I'll give you the brief of what we did and how he's changed.

We always let the birthday person pick the restaraunt. Since he didn't really care and said "yes" to everything I suggested, we went to KFC nearby. Here he is trying to show us that he's 2. Hand and eye coordination has yet to be mastered. Once he figured out what all this birthday stuff was all about, he went around saying "Ha ah ah py BIRthday!" It was a sort of jingle that he composed himself. It was adorable.

Then we headed home to hang with some friends while their parents went out on a little date. We had ice cream sundaes and sang "Happy Birthday". You will notice as the pictures progress, Kesed's clothes seem to regress.

Obviously loving the ice cream. He's such a generous little guy and kept offering his serving to his sister.

He screeched when he opened the gifts, he was so excited! He's in a super cute phase at the moment, where he runs to hug us when he gets disciplined, he kisses all the time, he protects his sisters, sings, dances, and loves to draw.

He's hugging the character from a famous Chinese cartoon. It's funny, because this cartoon's advertisements always have a plop of poop on the words beneath the characters. Ya, I don't know either. My mom and dad gave this to him and he hasn't slept a night without it.

We ate, played, yelled in excitement and had a great 2nd birthday. He even got his first love letter :).

I think this bottom picture summarizes his day and my little guy: "I'M TWO!!!"

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