Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Redeemed 32nd

Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes!  It really did bless me to hear from you all.  I think with Brad being gone, it was extra sweet to be thought of by others.  So, thank you.  

Just a few thoughts on today.  You know how you sometimes have big ideas about how a day is going to look.  I'm not sure why I still do this, because it always plays out in my head without a hitch.  But my four wonderful children add an element of spontaneity that my dreams don't account for :).  

After the household was awake and had eaten breakfast, my first task was to fish out half a roll of soggy toilet paper from the toilet.  I'm a texture person, so behind oatmeal and tofu soup, soggy paper is a wretched thing to touch.  But my mom super powers took over and I grabbed a plastic bag and fished it all out.  Those are the same powers that allow me to clean up throw up without losing lunch and dress bloody wounds without passing out.  

I decided to make homemade donuts to share with some friends and while making them, a good friend from the States called.  It was such a welcomed breath into the day.  And the donuts were great!  So donuts and apples for lunch.  I feel better knowing that at school they only eat vegetables and tofu, so donuts and apples can be inserted every once in a while.

A little later, Malachi lost our keys.  The only ones we have at the moment, as Brad is gone with the other pair....until Sunday.  So our plans to go out with friends to the park this afternoon are averted by being house bound.  But Selah went and had fun.

Long story short, our friends called a guy and he'll change the locks tomorrow.  Some other random stuff happened today, but it all seems trivial after what just occurred with my one year old.  The kids are all having a sleepover tonite in the boy's room.  Kesed and I really had a hard day together.  He just was cranky and whiney and didn't sleep well.  As we were singing and praying together, I noticed he was unusually still in my lap.  So I took him out while the other kids played for a bit.  Then, for the next 20 minutes or so, he just laid with me all curled up into my arms.  He's a nuzzler, so he just got comfortable and stayed there.  I know 20 minutes doesn't seem long, but in one year old boy terms, it's eternity.  

As I laid there with him, I was overwhelmed in humility as how he had seemingly forgot all the times I had gotten frustrated with him during the day.  He forgot how many times I had to step over him because something else was needing my attention.  He laid there as if to tell me "mom, it's ok.  I'm still here and I'm still yours."  I very much felt the presence of the Lord reminding me of His abundance of forgiveness that permeates our lives. And when we understand that,  the chaos of the day becomes background on the canvas of our life's mosaic.  As I was with Kesed, nothing else seemed to matter.  There was much joy in the redemption of the day.  And I didn't want anything to get in the way of that time-no phone calls, door rings, nothing.  I just wanted to bask in that redeemed time.  

God is so faithful to redeem us while we were yet sinners.  What a beautiful picture it is as we curl up into His arms and allow Him to surround us with forgiveness for our failing Him.  Forgiveness when we step over Him to attend to "more important" business.  Forgiveness when following Him does not at all seem convenient.  

Thank you Kesed for this birthday gift.  And thank you Lord for second chances. 
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