Thursday, September 11, 2008

Please get that boy some more food

Our city has a few new American English teachers that just moved to China last week. So we invited a few of them over for hamburgers. We had met the other three teachers before, but the fourth teacher, Amy, was brand spankin' new to China. We sat down to eat and Malachi's interrogation began.

Malachi: So, are you married?

Amy: No, I'm not married.

Malachi: Why?? Did your husband die?

(interject mom's inner dialogue: "oh, please tell me he didn't die" and "please, malachi, put more food in your mouth so that nothing else embarrassing comes out.")

Amy: No, he didn't die, I've just never been married.

Malachi: Well...maybe it's because you're so short.

(interject mom inner dialogue...again "ok, maybe she didn't hear him." and "what the heck do I do next?!)

Mom: mom has to leave stage left because she is laughing uncontrollably, but cannot show it. Mom is now crying from laughing so hard. "Malachi, you cannot say that to people!"

Malachi: But why mom? What's wrong with that question?

Mom: (thinking to self, "I don't know why exactly, but I know, it's rude and you just can't") Malachi, just go apologize.

Malachi to Amy: sorry.
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