Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kesed's 1st

We started the festivities off with a little Chinese barbecue. As you can tell, Kesed was thoroughly enjoying himself. He spit out he meat and yelled most of the meal. Just too excited to eat. One year ago, in Thailand, he entered the world with a bang. It was a textbook delivery with lots of funny cultural moments for added flavor.

The kids and I made a fish cake. Thanks to our friends, The Benson's, we had a box chocolate cake (which translates to mom not having to make it from scratch!!) Since I was on an easy- birthday-cake-making roll, I decided to go to a bakery and buy the icing. Lazy, I know, but there are just times you've gotta give yourself a break. Martha Stewart doesn't have 4 kids ages 6 and under living in her home. So she can import her Belgian chocolate cake layered with Connecticut apples and Papua New Guinea figs. But for this girl, it was convenience that ruled the day.

We returned home and took out the fish cake that the kids and I made. We had the crazy singing flower candle that has become a tradition in our family and had a great time together.

He wasn't real sure what to make of the cake, but seemed to get into it after a few minutes. I cannot believe he is one already. Most people have these cute measurements and growth updates, but Kesed hasn't been to the doctor in a really long time. So here's our family's Chinese equivalent:

weight: a large bag of dumpling flour
height: one and a half of Brad's feet

Big brother and sisters love him to death. Malachi can't wait until Kesed can wrestle.
He's crawling all over the place. He'll stand, but then sit down. Just not interested in the whole upright walking thing. He's making noises that we attribute to things, but really, I don't think he's talking yet. He's got a wonderful laugh and loves to be a part of everything.

We haven't cut his hair yet, which is funny to our friends here because they shave babies heads when they are a month or so old. I just can't seem to part with those curls.

Happy Birthday little man!! We love you so much and love how much the Lord has blessed our family through you.

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