Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mommy post and homeschool rant

So this is a total mommy post.  I'm not going to write a lot, just sharing some pictures.  Enjoy!

********Warning, brief homeschool rant***********

So, I will rant just for a second about how ridiculously fun homeschooling is. I always saw homeschooling as a cop-out for not
wanting to send your kids into the "real world". I could probably do an entire blog on all the great stuff we get to do as a homeschooling family. These castle pictures were taken on a day when we started learning about castles. So we made a lego castle, decorated crowns, dressed up, played king and queen and started reading a book called "Castle Diary" for our nighttime reading.

This was the day after we ended our time learning about Greece. We've made homemade pita bread, eaten 2 different Greek meals, read about Greek gods, looked at Greek architecture, etc. We have had a blast. And the whole time I can incorporate how Scripture is a thread throughout all of history. When were studying Greece, we made antique scrolls and Selah pretended to be in Athens teaching to the people about how they should turn from their idols. Anyway, I can rant and rave for days. I just wanted to encourage you guys out there who are maybe scared of homeschooling or thinking of starting. DO IT!! It's been fantastic. And believe you me, our kids our plenty, "in the world", and have tons of interaction with other kids.

Here's my little buddy. It's his birthday month, so he'll get a longer post later. We have lots of nicknames for him, but the one I like best is "Shuai Ge," which means "handsome little buddy" in Chinese.

He's totally about to conquer this grape.

My sweet Charis downing a peach.

Malachi wanted to make sure my picture showed him throwing this bag of milk. After a few tries, we got it.

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