Monday, September 01, 2008

First Grade

I'm not sure who gave my baby girl the permission to grow up, but it's happening without my authority. This morning, we dropped her off at a normal national school for first grade. She's only going half a day and homeschooling in the afternoons.

She's been at the cozy, fluffy kindergarten for a few years now, but this normal school thing scares me half to death. I have found myself on my knees constantly as she navigates the waters of first grade. It's scary on so many levels, but one of them is all the doctrination that she is going to face. She'll study the world without a Creator, she'll study Marx and how had work will bring about a harmonious future. But that's her place of ministry for now. A place for her to share and love. She's excited and we're excited for her. She's a beautiful young lady with an incredible heart.

As I left, I cried. She's going to be fine, I just have to be continually releasing her to her Father's care.

So if you think of her today, shoot up a little prayer. Thanks!

And tomorrow...we'll conquer the school bus.
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