Monday, September 03, 2007

Made It to Thailand

Well, we made it to Thailand. On the way here, our kids all got food poisoning.  Selah threw up all night in the hotel in Beijing.  Malachi lost it on the first plane flight and therefore went through the second airport with no shirt on.  Charis threw up in the airport during our layover and then finished the job on the second leg of the flight.  It got to the point of humorous. But we made it and did laundry thereafter.  Carrie had lots of contractions on the second flight, but no baby.

We've been here for almost 4 days now.  Carrie and the kids days were filled with time in the pool, exploring, daily trips to get slurpies (I feel the American burden to introduce my kids to slurpies) and great time with friends.  We'll move into an apartment on Sat. and stay there until we leave.  It will be nice to be a little settled.  Brad had lots of meetings.

All has gone well so far.  We will try and post some pictures and more details after we get into our apartment. 



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