Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cereal, Transgendered Thai's and babies

Sorry the pictures are lopsided. And I just deleted a sweet picture of a dancing Thai girl, but we're on dial-up and it takes 6 months to upload pictures. So I'm not fixing anything.... We're taking a stroll through the Sunday market. We stopped to have some roadside dessert of a crepe thingy with bananas, chocolate and sweetened condensed milk.

So it's been awhile since we've been able to write. I've just spent the last two minutes trying to get my legs from under me and into an Indian style position. I'm expecting twice as long to get them unfolded. Those of you who have been 38 weeks pregnant understand where I'm at. So this will be a full blog because I want to reward my efforts. Brad went to see "Bourne Ultimatum" and the kids are all wrestling as they try to fall asleep in the same room.

Thailand has been great. We've had some wonderful times with friends and are now moved into the apt. We'll stay here until we go back into country. If you've never been to Chiang Mai, Thailand, it's a great city. There's a ton of things to do and LOTS of Western food. A friend of mine and I got to laughing because a "tuk tuk" (taxi) driver was asking us where we had been. He's got all of these exotic excursions to take us on, he says. We replied "we have been to 7-11." But with 7 kids between the two familes and one incredibly fat pregnant woman, 7-11 and some good slurpies are exotic enough for now. We are just beside ourselves to be eating cereal and cheese. Oh ya, we've also seen lots of transgendered Thai men.

There's a beautiful pool on the complex that overlooks the mountains. I don't have a picture yet, but will soon. Our days are filled with language study, homeschooling and contractions.

I went to the doctor yesterday. He's got good english and lots of personality. I've never had a male describe a contraction and pushing down on pelvic muscles by means of charades. And then to reinact the baby's movements inside the womb. He reminds us of Doc from 'Back to the Future." Except this doctor isn't white. We aren't quite sure what nationality he is but he speaks 4 or 5 languages. (that's a for sure way of knowing he's not American! )

I was actually excited about the possibility of medication during this pregnancy. I've done the other 3 all naturally and quite frankly, I"m tired. With a cross country move and three kids in tow I just wanted to ride this one out. But this Dr. is BIG on having a totally natural childbirth. So here we go. He says I'm about 2 cm and 20% already. Although that doesn't mean a lot either. Just means this baby will come eventually. We've got lots of friends to help us here, including meals after the birth and even a baby shower!

That's all for now, this is entirely too long. I have much to share, but will try to spread things out a little better next time. I've gotta go unfold my legs.
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