Friday, September 21, 2007

The Girl Version

Carrie here. We are all at home and settling into what we like to call “our” normal. I’m feeling great. Just tired, but healing well. The guy version of the labor story is this: It’s a boy!

The girl version is below:

As Brad said, we had a friend take us to the dr. at 5 am on Wed. They got us into our room and basically left us alone. Our dr. was very into having as natural a childbirth as possible. I am all about natural childbirth, but was also considering a little modern medicinal help this go around. I just new I couldn’t do labor this time because I was just really tired. But au natural was our only option, so there we went. I had no monitors hooked up to me, no IV’s, no stitches, barely any nurses, nothing intrusive. Brad brought
music and was praying like a mad man during labor. It was actually one of the most worshipful times for me in labor. The Lord allowed me several ‘moments of mercy’ during the active labor stage. Which if you’ve ever had a baby you know that active labor affords you very little breaks. But I literally could sit and listen to hymns, pray and talk to Brad in the middle of it all. I had several breaks of 2-3 minutes during active labor. It was all really wonderful. And getting to watch Brad catch was so much fun and really ministered to him.

I immediately got to hold and nurse Kesed. Like as in the cord was still attached to the inside of me and I’m nursing. Brad got to cut the cord and then Kesed stayed with me for a long time. They bathed him a couple of hours later and then it was off to our own room. Again, the nurses were pretty hands off and I had to ask for just about everything. Tylenol, new bedding, water….But the staff was nice and put up with my inability to speak any Thai. I ate fried rice, broth and fruit for most of my meals and went on home the next day. I even had 2 nurses say to me “oh, you still fat.” So apparently Thai women walk out of the hospital looking as if they were never pregnant. I just nodded and laughed.

Just a few more pictures of the new one. We promise not to flood our blog with new baby stuff, but we figured that it’s what everyone wants to see for now. So here goes:

Doing a great job loving their brother

Brad trying to feel what pregnancy is like :)

our doctor
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