Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Few Daily Shots

Well, we leave for Thailand on Sunday, so we wanted to do a post before we left.  Here's just a few pictures of our lives here.

Here's Brad with his tutor.  We laughed because I caught the picture as he's putting his hand to his ear in frustration.  He claims that his biggest weakness in language is in his listening, so this picture really captured his time with his tutor.  We study in the lobby of a local hotel.  It's one of the only air conditioned places around.

Three "sleeping mermaids".  They were pretending and decided the mermaids needed a nap.  But the tiniest mermaid is rejecting the notion.

Here's Charis with her baby-sitter.  She's learning a ton of Chinese.  The bao mu (baby sitter) even asked us if Charis knew how to speak any English.  And at the beginning of the semester, I, Carrie, tried to write Charis' name in Chinese and mis-wrote something.  So it read "Jing Er" which means 'little shark'.  So that is now her nickname according to the bao mu.

Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.  After 4 pregnancies, we captured it!
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