Sunday, September 30, 2007

How He Made Each Unique

While I was in the hospital with Kesed, I was reading Psalm 139 over him and it brought me to reflect on all 4 of our children.  As they have grown, the differences between them are countless.  But Brad and I got to laughing as we remembered the physical traits that we noticed within the first 2 weeks that stood out the most between the 4.  For example:


Selah:  born with red hair

Malachi: has a hole on the upper part of his right ear

Charis:  has a small hole on her lower back near her tail bone

Kesed:  after he eats, he burps, poops, gets the hiccups and sneezes twice.  No lie, almost every time



It’s been an overwhelming joy to realize how the Lord wove them together in my womb.  And how He has cared about each hole and each hair since the beginning of time.


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