Sunday, September 16, 2007

What to Eye

Carrie here. I'll try and keep this short because I know that without pictures, people don't read as much. As my husband USED to say, "if it's longer than a comic strip, I don't want to read it." He's over that now. :)

This morning we got to go to church. You forget how satisfying being with other worshippers in a common meeting place to worship the same God can be. And when you don't normally get fellowship or music or teaching, it doesn't matter what is being said or sung, you are just glad to be in community and in worship. Anyway, to the point....the guy talked about Elijah and all the miraculous things he got to be apart of. Then he wandered. It was in the wandering that God was able to remind him of 3 crucial things to refocusing our lives.

1. Get your eyes off yourself.

Your world really does seem small when the walls to it are enclosed around just your circumstances and problems. We are naturally self-centered creatures. We never really grow fully out of the jr. high mentality that everyone is always looking at you and thinking about you.

2. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

3. Get your eyes to helping someone in need and do something about it.

While in the midst of serving someone who cannot repay you, suddenly the trivialities of your own problems fade away. We can get so focused on the day to day or on our own problems that we forget that we serve a God who has got the future already laid out for us and it is GOOD. He's promised us that much. So we've got to get our heads above water, believing that the next breath will prove from Him to be GOOD.
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