Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tex, Tiger, Lao Hu the Kitten

A few of you know that I've had a friend here who got rid of her unborn baby this week. It's a long story and probably shouldn't be shared in it's entirety on this here blog. But, I will say that the Lord did something fun for me. I say fun for me because my husband shot me a look the second he laid eyes on my little gift of grace.

As I walked out my door and into the stairwell to walk outside, I saw him. It was as if he was looking up at me and saying "Yes! You can rescue me! Your friend's baby is gone, but I am RIGHT HERE!" 

I picked him up, turned around and brought him home. I knocked on the door and met my husband who looked at me and said "Carrie, don't even think about it."We have both decided that we have more on our plate that we can handle already, so the cat needs to find another family. But on the heels of the situation with my friend, I was certainly not going to abandon it. I would rather sleep outside with it bundled on a park bench than let it go outside without a mother cat or a home. 

 Long story short, we have taken the cat in for the weekend and will give it up for adoption on Monday to a loving friend and home. I have to say that giving it up was hard. I know it's for the best, but my compassion strings were playing a loud tune. My poor husband got pummeled by the snowball of emotion that started tumbling about two weeks ago. While as a couple, we had made the rational decision that a pet isn't a good idea for our family right now, but that didn't matter when I looked into this sweet kitten's eyes. 

I was frustrated that we had to give him up and the first night, that I rolled over in bed and said in a rather non-submissive tone "Sometimes compassion isn't rational." 

It just isn't.

While I still believe that statement is true, I am also thankful for a husband that knows we have limitations that have to be considered. If I weren't married to him, I'd be that old lady with 16 kids, 85 cats and a collection of porcelain hummingbirds shoved into my china cabinet. 
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