Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Monkey Man turns 4

Dora, Dora, look who's four-a!  Our monkey man turned four this past week.  

Actually, he turned 4 two weeks ago, but the calendar has not been our friend lately, so we celebrated late.  He didn't know.  He didn't care.  There was pizza and cake to be had, that was enough for him.

As we went around the table and told him what we loved about him, he made silly faces and squirmed in his seat.  Being uncomfortable showing emotion...check...he is ready for junior high.

We told him that he is a great leader
he knows what he wants
he perseveres
he loves to protect those he loves
is an awesome big brother to Makaria
he is VERY cuddly.  

He opened a Buzz Lightyear back pack and just about had a stroke.  He was so excited and has asked to wear it every hour since opening it.

His siblings got him candy, a "pre-owned" Bible, and some "pre-owned" stickers. 
Then, it was time for the Buzz Lightyear scooter. Being half-naked and Buzz Lightyear are two of his love languages.

I made a Buzz cake.  I simply printed off pictures from the internet, colored them and slapped them on.  There was no way I could have fashioned a Buzz on my own and still kept all my hair intact.  He didn't care what it looked like, it was Buzz and there was chocolate.

I can so vividly remember this kid being in utero, it's scary. I get restless leg syndrome just thinking about it. 

The next day was the celebration with his classmates at school.  The bakery only had three choices for kid's cakes.  You cannot detour from the set birthday cake script.  If you do, complete panic happens.  DO NOT ask them to change anything.  So, I cut out a spider man from a coloring book cover and laid it on top of the white chocolate Hello Kitty.  

This sweet class is singing Happy Birsday!  

Eating with his friends. 

This dude makes us laugh every day.  He adds so much passion and excitement to our days.  We love this little monkey!
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