Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lennon vs. Lenin

While sitting down with Selah, her Chinese textbook and a friend, a mounting cultural conversation happened.  

"Mom, who's Lennon?"

Thinking to myself "How do I describe John Lennon to a 9 year-old girl who has no concept of boy bands, pop music and cultural icons?"  I paused.

I was lining up bullet points in my mind:

1.  British pop-star

2.  Co-founder of one of the most successful rock bands in modern music history.

3.  Prolific singer-song writer. 

On and on my mind raced.

She was still looking at her Chinese textbook when she pointed out his picture to me.  
"See, this guy...Lenin."  As in Vladamir.

Oh, THAT Lenin.  Well, he wasn't quite as cool as the Lennon I was thinking about.  Sporting similar names, slightly different lives. 

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