Friday, October 07, 2011

Get Real Bookshelves

I had a rough day.  But I will say that it ended in a few minutes of laughter.  Out loud.  By myself.  
One of the things that cracks me up about blogging, pinterest and social media in general is that we get to pretend our lives are packaged neatly, wrapped in eco-friendly paper and placed on our matching antique hutch that we bought at a thrift store and restored ourselves while our husbands coached family friendly soccer on the weekends.  

I look at this picture and I wonder if there are actually kids living in these homes.  Let's take a little showcase tour of the above photo. 

My favorite bookshelf was the one where all the books lined up in a lovely rainbow color sequence.  My bookshelves are also lined up, looking like a rainbow.  They start and end and have lots of colors...just like a rainbow.  And, you never know when and where the books will pop up...just like a rainbow.

Then, the little merry-go-round bookshelf.  It would take my boys 4.3 seconds to shovel the books onto the floor, sticking their rompuses inside those little cubbies.  They would then convince little sister to do it.  They would spin around in it until they puke.

Then there's the wooden dinosaur, ant-eater looking bookshelf.  My kids would take the books, slide them down the railings and jump off the top, pretending to be ninjas.

Another favorite of mine is the tree bookshelf.  I can guarantee those tree limbs would end up having birds drawn in neon crayon.  They would all be pooping on the heads of dolls lined up at the bottom. 

As fun as having a personal hammock to nestle into next to a glorious bookshelf would be, I'm not sure real life would allow that to happen.  Maybe it's just OUR real life that doesn't allow that to happen.  Sometimes I look at these things and I would love to have a house that looks like a magazine.  And then I remember that trying to keep couches egg shell white and bookshelves stacked in color coordination would require more of me than I'm willing to give to my furniture.  
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