Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eating Jewish Style

I love our history curriculum. I love history. I am admittedly a moron in history.

History Odyssey has several books to choose from that will add tons of hands on stuff to do with your kids. I have issues with sitting still and learning.  While  my kids do sit down and crank out worksheets everyday, I have also found that we all need a change of pace. Frequently.  They have coloring books, craft books, recipes, 3D models and links to all types of websites to give them a better understanding of what's going on.  And honestly, it helps me have a clue as to what happened in Ancient Mesopotamia.  It seems that I was busy keeping my hair sprayed bangs in place while my colleagues studied history in junior high.

We are studying Ancient Israel right now. Besides it being fascinating, it has stretched our understanding of God's grace to the Israelites as they were in slavery, wandered and finally inherited the promises of God.  

We had friends coming to our house for dinner on Wednesday, so I decided to do a reenactment of  a Passover Seder meal. Little did they know that this would require them to wear a head dress and clean our house with our children.  One of the first parts of the Passover is to clean the house of yeast.  So, I put pieces of bread on the shelves and they cleaned it.  It also gave me an excuse to not organize the bookshelf before having them over for dinner.

The boys wore turbans.  My 4 year old told me he was a Jewish pirate.  Yes, that just might be a pair of pajama pants on my husband's head.  Oh, the things he does to indulge my creative side.

We had a blast recounting the afflictions the Israelites suffered in the desert.  We then went on to celebrating the hope found in the cross and our own redemption as His children.  

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