Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Days are evil. God is not.

I walked into my house this morning filling up my mug with coffee and cream, hoping it would make sense of a world that hurts.  Maybe, just maybe, my consistent morning coffee would add security to what my eyes have seen in just this last week alone.

A friend pregnant with baby #3.  Illegal.  Baby.  Wanted by some, unwanted by many. Told to dispose of it.  It's just a baby.

A friend pregnant.  Fearful of a history spotted with miscarriages.

A young girl.  Abused by a hand supposed to comfort. A parent taking revenge on a child.  In public.

I cry.

A friend pregnant.  Surprise.  Knowing the joy.  Fearing the sacrifice.  Miscarriage.  Grieving.  Hurting.

Babies found in cans meant for trash.  Against all odds.  Found.  Survived.

Belligerent parent's heart changed. A child's plea for them.  Prayers answered. Hopes captured.

Days are deceiving.  Control is fleeting. God is hope.
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