Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hair cuts, bed pans and gogo boots

Oh friends, we had another performance in our apartment complex. If you remember the Star Studded Line-up that I wrote in May of last year, you will know that these types of cultural exhibitions make me very, very happy.

After clearing the path of photographers surrounding our children, I happened upon this:

I love these super hero gogo boots that I see so often in these apartment complex galas. She tapped around the "stage" and smiled as if she'd just been crowned Miss China.

Then it was the Beijing Opera duo. You already know my feelings about Beijing Opera. But I will say that if you sing it in the rain, wearing a costume, in the middle of my apartment complex, I will forgive your musical selection.

Sorry the pictures are so wanky, I only had my phone to capture the spontaneous musical that had descended upon our complex. If you look closely at the woman in the bright green pants, she is pointing at her singing friend. Green pants lady was shaking and pointing her finger so that her friend would begin her part of the duet. No subtly, just a point as if to say "SING, IT'S YOUR TURN AND YOU ARE RUINING MY PERFORMANCE CAREER!"

As I sauntered about trying to figure out why all the hoopla, I saw this:

Oh, I get it now. We are dressing up like Ming dynasty characters, singing opera and prancing about in bright red gogo boots to promote...elderly medical aides like bed pans, wheelchairs and raised plastic toilets. Perfect.

As I swung around to the back stage, I noticed that not only where the old people in the area getting a show, blood pressure machines, but also a free haircut.

Because it was raining, we didn't stay for long, but it was fun while it lasted. 
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