Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hong Kong part 1

Just last night, our family got back from renewing our visas and getting new passports. Our visas require us to leave the country every 90 days, so on this trip, we decided to throw in a trip to Hong Kong Disney.  We rode trams, met princesses and ate cheese.  Lots and lots of cheese.

The first night in Hong Kong, we made our way up to The Peak. There are stores, restaurants and an over rated lights show. It was raining, but we stayed dry by riding the Tram up the mountain. The kids loved getting to see the skyscrapers of Hong Kong tilt at a 45 degree angle while we made our way up.

Here's the Tram.  The station is right near a wax museum.  While this completely freaked out my 9 year old, my sons thought it was fabulous.  Mr. Wax Man became a consistent part of our week's conversation.  

Little Kesed squealed in delight every step of the way up the mountain.  Hong Kong is a city of height.  The entire city is outlined in both mountains and cascading buildings.  

We love a good jumping picture.  And so did the dozens of strangers who also caught this same picture on their cameras.  We ate inside at a little cafe and had a great time looking out at the city.  

I'm not sure I have a normal picture of this kid.

Supposedly the  Hong Kong sky line is where the Spider Man movies are based on.  

I'll post the Disney pictures and the rest of the drama tomorrow.  The trip started with princesses and trams and ended with stool samples and blood work. 
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