Saturday, May 21, 2011

my wrestling match with trivialities

This has been a frustrating week for me.  And when I list out the reasons, I peel back and feel like a jr. high kid who just lost their Justin Bieber binder decal.  It seems so trivial on this side of it.  But, the background theme music of my week was angry, death metal.  The kind that makes you want to grind your teeth and eat raw meat.

It seems like things always break on this side of the ocean.  I realize that things also go awry in America, but they also get fixed quickly.  This week, our internet had issues, our toilet broke, our hot water packed it's bags, air conditioner is leaking puddles and we are leaving to go out of town for a week.

That's always how it works.

I've had a few hormonal moments with some of the workers that have had to come over the past few years to help us fix things.  They come to fix whatever is choosing to break for that day, but you are required to buy the parts.  So you get on buses, dodge donkeys, walk miles, all while carrying a three foot pipe that belongs to the bottom of your toilet.

Thankfully the Lord stopped me in my stubborn, immature tracks this week.  Right after throwing a towel down and stomping me and my nasty, dirty hair back into my bedroom, the Lord reminded me that this is small.  That I am called to remain joyful and that I do indeed possess self-control.  And as a matter of fact, this would be a perfect situation in which to exhibit that self-control.


But, we do get to go to Hong Kong on Monday!  I'll make sure and take pictures of all the princess, Lightening McQueen madness that is sure to ensue.
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